COSPA technologies

We wish to be a bridge that connects the communities around the world. Digital communications are so developed that people can communicate to people around the world. Meanwhile, it has divided people. There is no longer a need to take risks conversing with people of other country, job, ideal, or even sex. We believe that digital communication can do the opposite as well. Messages that can overcome the differences. Approach people of different cultural perspective can relate to. That is what we pursue to create a seamless world.

Company Profile

Company Name COSPA Technologies, Inc.
Representative Director NAKAJIMA, Kaichi
Capital JPY10,000,000
Head Office 1-7-20 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Office 203 Meiho Building, 2-14-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-4405-4545
Partner Company Baidu


2012 Established as a company in Shanghai
2016 Founded LXR Inc. Corporation in Japan
2017 Relocated head office to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2018 Established 36Kr Japan Inc. (Joint Venture with 36Kr China Inc.)
2019 Skyland Ventures No.3 Investment Limited Partnership underwrites capital increase
2019 Changed company name to Plus China Inc.
2019 Opened Takadanobaba office
2020 Changed company name to COSPA Technologies, Inc.


  • NAKAJIMA, Kaichi

    After graduating from Ehime University, joined Funai Electric Co., Ltd. Nakajima worked as a system engineer and manager of the manufacturing department at a factory in Dongguan, China. After retiring from the company, started his own business at Shanghai in 2012. After living in China for a total of 10 years, he became fluent in Chinese and his innate "love for cost performance" took root. During his time in Shanghai, he participated in the billiards world championships and won against a Saudi Arabian player, and example of how he devotes on all things. Nakajima has 50,000 followers on Twitter, notebook, YouTube, and Chinese SNS, and is currently sending out information on Japan-China business.

  • TAKAHATA, Ryuichi

    After graduating from the Faculty of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, Takahata worked for the Industrial Bank of Japan (at the time) before joining Cospa Technologies. While studying for his MBA at Cornell University in the U.S., he roamed the world while pursuing his studies, which led him to make cross-cultural communication research his life's work. Takahata later moved to Shanghai, where he also became fascinated with the study of modern Chinese and published his studies through books including "Business Chinese 500" (ASCOM). He is also a maniac in his motorcycle hobby, restoring old British cars and riding through Mongolia.