COSPA technologies

Experience you can trust

Our firm is run by Japanese employees, including two partners, who have extensive experience outside Japan. The knowledge that Japanese people possess is different from that of people in other countries. You may hear people say, “I know the New York Yankees, but not the Dallas Cowboys,” or “I know Audi, but I have never heard of SEAT”. Japan also has different customs and culture, such as not expressing opinions very often or liking cute things even as adults. In the field of digital communications, many people use Facebook and Twitter, but apps like LINE are also commonly used in Japan. Emojis used in communication via these services play a more important role than in other countries. In the business world, communication via e-mail is still very common alongside Social media.

If you simply create a Japanese version of an English website without being aware of such differences, your message will not get across to your Japanese audience.

The members of COSPA Technologies take into account the sensibilities of the original audience and translate the message into cultural content familiar to the Japanese. We call this work “localization”. Our work is not to simply convert words from one language to another, but to create a visual representation and message that Japanese consumers can understand and relate to.

All of this relates to our purpose to “Connect the world seamlessly”. In recent times where the world is becoming increasingly fragmented, we hope to contribute to making a better world by deepening understanding between people with different ways of thinking and backgrounds.