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The Japanese market is waiting for you.

Japan is now an attractive market for foreign companies. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn't had a significant negative impact, and imported goods continue to sell well. Sales of imported cars hit the highest record in 2021, and Japan continues to have the world's highest iPhone market share. In recent years, the Japanese consumer mindset has changed dramatically. Japan has been providing the world with highly functional and inexpensive products, but consumers have grown tired of that. They care not about price or functionality, but about whether they・・・

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Our firm is run by Japanese employees, including two partners, who have extensive experience outside Japan. The knowledge that Japanese people possess is different from that of people in other countries. You may hear people say, "I know the New York Yankees, but not the Dallas Cowboys," or "I know Audi, but I have never heard of SEAT”. Japan also has different customs and culture, such as not expressing opinions very often or liking cute things even as adults. In the field of・・・

Imagine a troublesome person. That’s every digital consumer in Japan.

Just as etiquette in romance and dining vary from country to country, the same applies to etiquette for digital communication tools. Here are some characteristics of Japanese websites. Wordy Japanese websites are wordy. Japanese sentences can contain kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Meaning can be generally understood by looking at kanji alone. Katakana generally tells you that the word is borrowed from another language. These characteristics make it easy to skim through sentences. This is different from some other languages, where you have to read through each word. Therefore, Japanese website・・・